Sunday, November 04, 2007

An overdue update

Don't worry about how long its been since I last posted,.. but for the record I do understand its been a great length of time.

So many things have changed, and its a bit difficult for me to determine where to begin. So, I'm going to try a time-line.

Feb. 2006 - Moved in to my home (with 2 room-mates: Dylan and Derek)
Mar. 2006 - Agree to dinner at Briana's house, first official date. Derek moves out.
Apr. 2006 - Things get serious and Briana and I agree to date exclusively.
May. 2006 - Closed on my mortgage... I officially own a house. I also bought a scooter!
Jun. 30th 2006 - I turned 30,.. great day .. lots of running riding the scooter around with Briana.
Oct. 2006 - We decide and set in motion to get married in two weeks on a UEA weekend.
Friday October 13th 2006 - Briana and I are married. Happiest moment of my life.
Dec. 2006 - Dylan is ask to move out, giving Briana and I the house to ourselves!
Jan. 25th 2007 - Briana turns 18!
Jun. 30th 2007 - I turn 31! Time has really been flying by...
Oct. 13 2007 - Our 1 year wedding anniversary!

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Briana said...

You should start updating your blog more often then every year.hehe

Love you Honey!!