Sunday, November 04, 2007

Changes were inevitable

Its an exciting change of events in its own right, but I am sad to see the team of two, who have done so much, being separated. I've teased about moving on to other jobs, but would never follow-through because I loved my role there so much. I was surprised to find that my boss was considering moving on to another role, not at all that he was considering it, but surprised I didn't see it coming. All in all, the future is still bright, and there are still lots of things I can do to make the workplace better than it would be without me. Which happens to be something I'll always consider my boss to have accomplished very well during his years with the paper.

An overdue update

Don't worry about how long its been since I last posted,.. but for the record I do understand its been a great length of time.

So many things have changed, and its a bit difficult for me to determine where to begin. So, I'm going to try a time-line.

Feb. 2006 - Moved in to my home (with 2 room-mates: Dylan and Derek)
Mar. 2006 - Agree to dinner at Briana's house, first official date. Derek moves out.
Apr. 2006 - Things get serious and Briana and I agree to date exclusively.
May. 2006 - Closed on my mortgage... I officially own a house. I also bought a scooter!
Jun. 30th 2006 - I turned 30,.. great day .. lots of running riding the scooter around with Briana.
Oct. 2006 - We decide and set in motion to get married in two weeks on a UEA weekend.
Friday October 13th 2006 - Briana and I are married. Happiest moment of my life.
Dec. 2006 - Dylan is ask to move out, giving Briana and I the house to ourselves!
Jan. 25th 2007 - Briana turns 18!
Jun. 30th 2007 - I turn 31! Time has really been flying by...
Oct. 13 2007 - Our 1 year wedding anniversary!