Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Hello ..

I'm not sure why I'm even writing to this thing tonight. No one reads this crap. And if you do .. I certainly didn't notice, heh. Anyway .. not much to say .. feeling a bit strange. It's hard to explain but I think what best sums it up that I feel like I have reached my peak. I have so many more aspirations and goals .. things to learn and accomplish but I just can't seem to manage to keep it all straight in my head anymore. I think I feel my brain actually forgetting things and it's forgetting at a faster rate than I can seem to keep it full of with new info. It's a rather distressing feeling not only because I feel like I'm not making much progress but worse, like I might actually be declining. And thats on the only fronteir that I feel like amounts to any real worth in my life. If I lost my ability to be a tech geek, and still had no social life, and no girlfriend. Wow, thats just not a path to even consider thinking about .. its all bad news.

I am a tool. Just not a very good one.