Thursday, September 02, 2004

a bit of fun

One of my friends has recently got laryngitis, which is bad since her work involves her being on the phone 8 hours a day. She's just about completely lost her voice, and took today off. I decided to arrange a gathering and called Josh. I left work straight for SLC, after having made plans to meet Josh and Nichole at Nichole's apt. I drove us upto the UofU campus to a pizza shop called The Pie, simply the best pizza in the state. After that and a little mindless driving we decided to go bowling. We agreed we all suck at it, but it was still fun. Josh kicked our butts of course, dunno why he's so much better at bowling (and he was playing with a broken wrist).

Tomorrow will conclude my first week of work with the Daily Herald, and not that I don't feel like I'm being productive, but I'm still working on the servers getting them ready for deployment. And trying to decide the best deployment method and how to expand the current structure with minimal outages etc, while taking best advantage of the new hardware in a capacity that will get us through the next year. I guess I didn't really figure it would take this long. Hopefully I can make some better progress tomorrow.

Haven't heard from Amy again yet, and being the social retard that I am I realized I haven't asked for her phone number. I know she has called me twice and that I could still have the number on the caller id, but I think I'll wait and ask her for it properly. I'm really hoping she calls again soon. I'm hoping to get to see her and spend a little time getting to know her again.

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