Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Things are looking up

Well, the day went mostly as planned. The only scheduled activity was to work on Casey's (sarcastic) uberfast webserver and get the initial raid0 framework setup and configured. Which I haven't done yet, due to strange errors booting the Gentoo LiveCD, but I'm ready to blame the SCSI cd-rom drive and troubleshoot that. On another computer related note, my primary workstation sits on my desk mostly torn open as I attempt to prepare it to be rebuilt. Need to pull the harddrive out and backup the data to one of my other computers so I can start clean. While I was in there I figured I'd do some dusting and even change how things are organized a bit.

I keep trying to find some motivation. I need to find a job, but more importantly I need to find some way to be happy with what I have rather than so depressed about what I don't have. Life is different for everyone, its time to stop comparing and make good with what I've got.

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