Thursday, August 19, 2004

the question

I really can't think of anything that great to report today. Except maybe that the chasis for a 1U server showed up today that I got from an eBay auction. It should prove fun to play with.

I met up with a good friend and we went over my resume a bit, mostly discussing how to custom tailor it specifically to the job I am applying for. So now I need to sit down and spend some time completely rewriting my resume. Not something I'm looking forward to, but must be done anyway. That and laundry. *sighs*

So the question becomes... Was this really worth blogging? hehehe .. I dunno. I apologize if I horribly wasted anyone's time.

It's Thursday now .. and I haven't slept yet. I suppose I should be trying to get into a normal sleep pattern and all. I have hopes that today Amy will be calling and that I'll get to see her.

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