Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Great news all around

The job is going fantastic, I get to spend time doing what I enjoy, coding in PHP and building or playing with linux servers. The 1U servers are coming along great, I replicated the Gentoo install today to 2 of the other boxes after getting the primary completed. Everyone seems excited to have me there and a few people even remember me from having worked there a few years ago. All of which have made some comment about my having had blue hair (years ago). I guess a set a trademark.

Also on a fantasic note, Amy called me on Sunday. Yet again it was so great to hear from her. Still hoping to get together sometime. Strangely I can already tell she has grown up a lot in the time past by. My sister is much the same way ... growing up so fast. Already she's graduated college and about to have her first child. Hm.. she's past me right by even.

Well, I better get some rest .. I'm lucky to have work .. might as well get to it early. I mean like 9am kind of early though ... not sure I could do much earlier.

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